Aasha Wines is a series of stories told bottle by bottle by two lovers of wine, Tracy Rook and Gaurav Puri. The labels, designed to look like the first page of a book, pair with a whimsical short story from key moments in their lives—the intimate, profound and unexpected twists and turns of life. The wine itself, is a genuine labour of love, grown by a small team of wine lovers and experts at a micro-winery on a small sliver of land in the Naramata Bench region at the northern end of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.
Gaurav Puri & Tracy Rook
Owners & Producers
Rae Drake
Reena Mistry
Benjamin Edward Birch

Erin Laydon
Brandon Elliot
Amy Bath
Charlie Friedmann
"I was so impressed with the bottles, the storytelling in the tasting notes and the gorgeously designed website of Aasha Wines that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these mystical bottles. There are gorgeous illustrations on the labels, and they are sealed with wax to protect the corks. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, nor a wine by its label, but they really did draw me in. It was love at first sight.
Each bottle is a chapter from Tracy and Gaurav's lives. Their love story is told through their Cab Sauv,  the Chardonnays and Viogners tell tales from abroad,  Syrahs expose Gaurav's memories as a new doctor,  and the Pinor Noirs share the excitement of a budding new career. The Rosés are especially dedicated to the mischievous and loveable Little Monster, Tracy and Gaurav's first cat together.
" The partnership between Aasha and Mistry is as much friendship as it is a working one. When the couple were developing the design aspects of their wine, they fielded work from multiple artists with immense talent and broad portfolios, but Mistry “was the nicest to work with.” For Puri and Rook, wine is as much about interpersonal connection and intimacy as it is about the drinking experience, and their connection to Mistry is, according to Puri, what allowed for such a dynamic set of labels to match each story. 
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